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Miss you Nana

It’s been 4 years since the closing of my Nanas chapter. This morning, as I sorted through some things I found a poem she had written for me when I was just 15. She always knew where my heart was, always had words of wisdom to share at just the right time.

                    “JUST FIFTEEN”

Wondering and dreaming

Where am I going?

Wanting to say but not really knowing

Yesterday so sure-everything right

Now it’s today-where is the light?

Yesterday gone-gone out of sight

Not yet a woman-no longer a child

Feelings inside me bewildered and wild

Am I loved, do I care

Should I trust that they are there?

Yes I must-they are there!

Those who love me and advise

Yet I wonder-are they wise?

I am me, they are not!

Can they know how things can be-

It’s my life, can’t I be free?

Why can’t they see-why can’t they see?

And yet I know at just fifteen-

I have not been, I have not seen

God given life ahead of me-

Why can’t I see-why can’t I see?

If I should pause for just a while

Will God look down with a gentle smile

Upon His loved bewildered child-

Take my hand and day by day

Hold it tight and show the way-

That along lifes road, He will always be

If I let Him walk with me.


 I miss her beautiful hugs, her loving smile, her gentle voice, the delight in her face when I visited, the way she found beauty in the simple things, her laugh, her wisdom and most of all her love.

   Till we meet again, Nana

                                        Your Grandaughter, Leeanne

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Lasting Love

As I was out walking today I passed by a lovely older couple, I’m guessing they were in their late 70’s, early 80’s strolling slowly along. My heart skipped a beat, a feeling of longing passed over me as I soaked in the picture of these strangers. Grey hair, slightly stooped in posture, each stride small and measured, but that’s not what captured my heart……….Hands clasped tightly as these two lovers gazed into one anothers eyes, totally immersed in the moment, oblivious to me as I passed by. How blessed I was to have witnessed such a scene of devotion and deep love, it was just so obvious, I could feel it.

Straight away my thoughts then wandered to my husband and I. Would we be so lucky as to grow old together, to still be passionately in love in our twilight years? Will he still be enamoured with me and I with him?

I didn’t ponder too long on this thought………I already knew the answer……..yes.

Love would never be in doubt, it’s the growing old bit that we have no control over. My heart tells me we”ll grow old gracefully together, but what if ? Again my heart skipped a beat………” I have loved ( and will love ) you with an everlasting love “.

A peace settled softly over me as I continued to walk and meditate upon that promise. I will always be loved, no matter where my life’s journey takes me.

How beautiful that my God wants me to know this, and He wants you to know this too, precious Sistas. This promise is for each and every one of His daughters. Reach out, grasp hold, and take these words, store them in your heart, draw on them in times of pain and trial that they may bring you comfort and peace.

You are loved with an everlasting love