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Miss you Nana

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It’s been 4 years since the closing of my Nanas chapter. This morning, as I sorted through some things I found a poem she had written for me when I was just 15. She always knew where my heart was, always had words of wisdom to share at just the right time.

                    “JUST FIFTEEN”

Wondering and dreaming

Where am I going?

Wanting to say but not really knowing

Yesterday so sure-everything right

Now it’s today-where is the light?

Yesterday gone-gone out of sight

Not yet a woman-no longer a child

Feelings inside me bewildered and wild

Am I loved, do I care

Should I trust that they are there?

Yes I must-they are there!

Those who love me and advise

Yet I wonder-are they wise?

I am me, they are not!

Can they know how things can be-

It’s my life, can’t I be free?

Why can’t they see-why can’t they see?

And yet I know at just fifteen-

I have not been, I have not seen

God given life ahead of me-

Why can’t I see-why can’t I see?

If I should pause for just a while

Will God look down with a gentle smile

Upon His loved bewildered child-

Take my hand and day by day

Hold it tight and show the way-

That along lifes road, He will always be

If I let Him walk with me.


 I miss her beautiful hugs, her loving smile, her gentle voice, the delight in her face when I visited, the way she found beauty in the simple things, her laugh, her wisdom and most of all her love.

   Till we meet again, Nana

                                        Your Grandaughter, Leeanne


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