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Live Light in 25 Words- Day 23. ” The door is Open ! “


” Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16
Q. Do you find it difficult to approach God when you are tempted or burdened with sin, or when things are going wrong in your life ? How does this verse encourage you?
One of the images burned into my memory as a child was that of God’s hand stretching through the clouds reaching out to multitudes and Jesus with children on His lap and people sitting around Him. He with an expression of love and they with admiration and awe. When we were young it seemed so much easier to come to Him, we were not marred by the world, we saw things simply, we were yet to complicate faith. I believe that is why He said ” unless you become as little children “.
Children approach those they know and love with energy , they don’t stop and analyse as to whether they are good enough to be in your presence. They just know and accept that you love them. 
I think God wants it to be like that with us. He wants us to receive His grace and mercy. He has invited us to His throne. If we really meditate on this, take it into our heart we will realise that we do not need to hesitate to come to Him.
When I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged the temptation is there to believe the lie that I am unworthy to be in His presence, it is then that I draw upon my childhood images. His outstretched hand holding mine, leading me into His place of love and acceptance. I can be confident, you can be confident that we are always welcome and will never be turned away by Him.


Author: sistainarms

3 thoughts on “Live Light in 25 Words- Day 23. ” The door is Open ! “

  1. Thanks for the scripture and post! I really love this series. It’s enlightening and encouraging. And this scripture along with your post reminds me that no matter what, we can depend upon our faith and know we are loved. It also reminds me that we need to treat others with the same respect. 🙂

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