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Walk Towards Easter Series. 3
“Dear children, it is very hard to get into the Kingdom of God. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!” Mark 10:24-25
Q. Why is wealth often a temptation , are you ever tempted to love things more than God. Or is it something more sneaky in your case?
Are you trying to picture a camel frantically attempting to squeeze itself through the eye of a needle? I can’t even focus on the eye to thread the cotton without my glasses on. I’m imagining a cartoon camel stuck, neck squashed flat and jammed tight in the tiny weeny hole. No, it’s just not going to happen, impossible!
Woe to the rich man, what chance has he got? None by the looks of this story!
But the story is just scratching the surface, catching our attention. We need to dig deeper. Many a wealthy person is a child of the Kingdom, generous givers and funders of God’s work here on earth, totally committed to God and the out working of the gospel. 
So what did Jesus mean when He said this? The rich young man walked away, the cost was just too much. He so wanted to follow Jesus, but when it came to the crunch, and it did sadden him, he must have wrestled within himself. He could not give up that which he prized most. ( Mark 10:20-22)
Jesus used the example of money and possession but its really so much more than that. Subtleties slip in unnoticed to our everyday lives quietly nudging Jesus further and further down our list of priorities. I’ll spend time in the Word tomorrow , I’ll pray later, I’ll help that person next week when I have more time, if I share my faith with my neighbours they may not talk to me anymore, if I tell the girl on the checkout I’m on my way to church when she inquires she’ll think I’m weird, I don’t have time for people because I’m too busy with church programmes………..I could go on and on with the sneaky little or rather…..big…..list of distractions that infiltrate our every day.
Be honest, prayerfully take a long, hard look into your life.
Do you place more importance on how you appear to others than Jesus?
Is your time prioritised by you or by Jesus?
Is your comfort more important than those less fortunate?
Do you love church more than you love Jesus?
You may be shocked at what is revealed and the pruning won’t be pleasant. It never is when it concerns our fleshly desires.
There is a cost in following Jesus ! But it’s a cost we can all afford. He promises we will be more than compensated. Who can put an earthly price on Eternity !


Author: sistainarms


  1. I’m enjoying this series. I can see that Jesus’ words go far deeper than what we interpret them. It really makes us think. I believe we let too many things distract us and we worry too much what others think of us sometimes. We just need to keep our focus on our faith and to not be ashamed to share it as well as to be ourselves. 🙂

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