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imageDON’T DAB
Walk Towards Easter . 14.
During supper a woman came in with a beautiful jar of expensive perfume. She broke the seal and poured the perfume over His head. Mark 14:3
Q. What moves you about the response of the woman to Jesus ?
How do you show gratitude to Jesus?
This was no ordinary jar of perfume, it was pure and expensive, unopened. She had brought the very best. She didn’t just dab the perfume onto Jesus, she pored it over His head.
Some of those at the table were indignant. ” Why was this expensive perfume wasted?” they asked . Mark 14:4
This woman came to Jesus bringing the very best that she had, she didn’t grab a cheap bottle, an already opened bottle, but the finest. She gave all of herself . Jesus stated that she had actually anointed Him. She was not concerned with what others around the table thought and she endured their scolding. Her sole desire was to bring honour and to worship her Lord.
Do we bring the most excellent , the most estimable, the entirety of ourselves to the feet of Jesus in worship . Or are we withholding a portion of ourselves, keeping in reserve a fragment, the last piece holding us back from totally abandoning ourselves to worshipping our saviour?
” Leave her alone why berate her for doing such a good thing to me ?” Mark 14: 6
Let us not simply dab Jesus with our worship, but surrender our complete , unmitigated selves, pouring our worship over Jesus head, anointing Him with our praise. 
Spending ones self on Jesus is never a waste, but ” a deed that will be talked about in our memory”. Mark 14:9


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