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Walk Towards Easter. 22.
‘ They bound Jesus and took him to Pilate, the Roman governor. Pilate asked Jesus, ” Are you the King of the Jews?” Jesus replied, ” Yes, it is as you say.”
Mark 15:1-2
Q. How does your life show/or not show Jesus is King?
As I traverse this journey towards Easter a resounding theme is pressing upon my heart. Who do I kneel before? 
I have had to ask myself many questions and delve deep into my life honestly looking at how I live………….
Is my faith honest and simple like that of a child,
Where have I placed importance, what do I treasure,
Do I give Him the best of my time,
Am I walking a life reflecting my beliefs,
Are my actions those of a thankful heart,
In all things do I lean on His strength,
Is He at the centre of my world,
Am I shining a light in my life that draws others to Him,
Do I allow Him to reign in and over my existence ,
Have I placed my foundations solidly on Him, the cornerstone,
Am I ready,
In the knowledge of His sacrifice do I bring to Him in worship my whole being,
Am I willing to be different,
Can I forgive,
Will I stand proud and tall, honouring Him ?
This journey has been one of reflection and repentance, forgiveness and choices and an encountering of Him.
Who do I kneel before?
I kneel before the King………….Jesus.


Author: sistainarms

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