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Walk Towards Easter . 27.
‘ At noon darkness fell across the whole land until 3 o’clock .’ Mark 15:33
Q. What is the significance of the darkness?
Have you ever experienced a total eclipse of the sun ? That eerie darkness that gradually engulfs the heavens and just as gradually light re-emerges as the sun becomes visible again. It’s not a total darkness but more like the gentle hues of twilight as the sun is only completely obscured for a couple of minutes.
But in those few short minutes the source of our warmth, the light of our day is hidden from our sight as though we were veiled.
Jesus hung on the cross for three hours, three hours in a deep darkness. Three hours He endured a total separation from His Father, as God turned His face and withdrew His presence from His only Son as the weight of all sin rested upon Him. Jesus had walked and talked with His Father since He was a little boy. He was in total communion with God and now He was alone, cut off from heaven.
The anguish which must have enveloped Him is incomprehensible , something we can never understand. And He suffered this in order to release us from the chains that hold us in darkness, so that we might never have to encounter the torment of separation from God.
Grace immeasurable, Grace uncontainable , Grace undeserved , a love that knows no bounds and is available to all who would ask.
His love……is…….amazing .

Author: sistainarms

6 thoughts on “DARKNESS

  1. Thank you for dropping by Scott, have a blessed Easter L 🙂

  2. 3 hours of total separation !!

    • If we could only grasp , in the smallest way, the magnitude of what Jesus did for us, we could but not fall to our knees unsderthe weight of realisation and worship Him Lxx

  3. So true. I forget just how much Jesus went through and also how much God went through. Being seperated from His Son……..It would have been as you write “incomprehensible”. Thanks Leeanne again for the timely reminder. xxx

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Kylie, this Easter is proving to be especially significant for Scott and I . God has us both on an incredible journey of re- discovering Grace and going deeper with Jesus. To be honest it is difficult to express appropriately Lxx

  4. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

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