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BOOK CHAT…….Literary Interlude.

Have got to share this one. THE BEST book I’ve read to date on child rearing.
A Guide To Successfully Parenting A DefiantĀ 
Teen Without Giving Up Or Giving In
This is a must read, for all parents, even if you are not BLESSED with defiant kids. I’ve read a mountain of books on child rearing and discipline, often stopping half way through in discouragement. Jimmy Myers gives practical advice on handling situations with teens that most, if not all of us will encounter to some degree. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s honest.
Often we start out reading expecting to find answers and formulas to our problems, which, lets be honest, we see as our children’s behaviour, well you are in for a big surprise, and you may already know this deep down. It’s more about us than them, the way we handle and react to behaviours that disappoint us. There’s no airy fairy advice in this book, it’s solid and straight to the point with plenty of example case studies from Jimmys’ years of working with kids and their parents.
I recommend you read this one, it’s easy to read, you won’t be disappointed.